A 1,000 mile journey begins with a single step. 1,000 in many languages is Millé. /Mill-lay/.

The 1st step is your idea. Then we guide you through the next 999, sometimes exhilarating, often exhausting, design, compliance and construction steps required to open your restaurant, cafe or bar.

Our key point of difference to other designers lies in our experience actually owning and operating multiple hospitality ventures. We don’t just design and hope for the best. We think deeply about your business success. Our in-depth understanding of the intricacies and operational requirements of these businesses, leads to an intrinsic trust and shared experience between Millé and our clients.

Combined with our design expertise and technical know how, you have a very solid foundation on which to design & build your interior, your brand & your success.

We don't just design an attractive space. Any studio can do this. From concept design and development, to building consent, construction, and operational guidance, Millé offers a service that is more than just interior design - we’re a fully rounded studio that takes design thinking, conceptual planning and operational know how, and combines them with compliance and construction expertise to produce an interior that is reflective of your brand, makes the most of your resources, is inline with the demands and desires of your target market, and gives you the best foundation on which to build your brand, decrease your risks, and maximise your likelihood of success in today's highly competitive market.