This Information Guide has been prepared solely for information purposes in order to assist interested parties in making an initial evaluation of their costings and does not constitute advice nor purport to contain all of the information that a prospective party may require. In all cases, interested parties must conduct their own investigation and analysis of their costings and the data set out in this Information Guide to make their decision. This Information Guide has been prepared in good faith and with due care by MILLÉ, but neither MILLÉ and any representative of MILLÉ accept responsibility here under for the accuracy of any part of the information contained in this Information Guide. Therefore the recipient/s of this Information Guide to the extent that they rely on the information contained herein, do so entirely at their own risk. MILLÉ Limited (5925249) and it’s representatives, expressly disclaim all liability for representation, express or implied, contained in, or for omissions from, this Information Guide or any other written or oral communication given to any prospective party in the course of their evaluation and/or offer. This Information Guide does not constitute an offer to under take any given work or otherwise.