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Don't take our word for it, let Huri from the legendary Hero Sandwich House explain what it's like designing with Mille. Huri's success has meant a recent expansion to Melbourne - with both Auckland & Melbourne selling out every day

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars Don't Succeed Because Of Good Design, Incredible Food Or Amazing Service. We've all seen a beautifully designed restaurant go under six months after opening. And we've all seen places with amazing food & beverages that never really take off and just end up fading away.

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars Succeed Because Of 1000 Individual Things Done Right. Successful restaurants, cafe & bars win when 1000 individual things are purposefully brought together to create an environment and experience customers love, rave about, and can't wait to come back to. When 1000 unique things are combined to create an efficient, profitable business and decent income you deserve for the hard work you're guaranteed to put in. 1000 things, from lighting, to furniture, music, menu, service, prices, food, drinks, decor, location, lease terms, layout, construction costs, compliance complications and on and on and on. 1000 things that mean the difference between a well calculated risk and a financial disaster (trust me, I've personally done both with my own hospitality businesses).

Work With Designers Who know The Price Of Success (And Failure). My name is Gerrick Numan and I'm the founder of Millé, an interior design firm helping our clients design and build successful hospitality businesses. I come from a very unique position in the design world. I've owned multiple hospitality businesses, but I've also studied design & construction and been the general manager of one of New Zealand's most renowned, award-winning design firms, managing dozens of successful hospitality interior projects per annum. Whether you're looking to open a café, bar or restaurant, my team and I can help you develop a solid concept and stunning interior which gets customers through the door and successfully establishes your business in the hospitality industry. We will walk you through every single step of the interior design and fit-out process, from concept design to building consent, construction and operational guidance, giving you the best possible chance of making your dream a reality and creating a venue your customers love.

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The Cold Hard Truth About The Hospitality Industry Most hospitality businesses fail in the first year, leaving their owners out of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I've owned hospitality businesses, I know what it's like to work 80+ hours a week and struggle to break even. However, I've also turned around failing businesses and know what it takes to increase my income by 500% in 3 months. I want to help you have similar success. I will combine my hospitality knowledge, construction & design qualifications and years of experience to create an interior which ensures you not only avoid the scrap heap, but become an icon in your community.

Designs Which Get Customers Queueing For Tables. Regardless of what stage you're at, whether you're looking for the perfect building or you've got a site but need help with the design and compliance, my team and I can help. The process will be inclusive - we'll discuss your fears, goals, values, desires, loves, hates, target market, competition and everything else. Unlike some designers who have never actually worked in hospitality, I won't talk down to you. I won't use convoluted design terms and totally impractical and expensive esoteric ideas. We'll simply work together to create a unique space which stands out from the crowd, exceeds the expectations of your customers and makes them fall in love with your venue. A space both you and your customers love, getting you an excellent financial return in the process (your operational skills will be part of this process too!).

It's usually more believable if you hear it from other people. Here's Andrew & Hannah from Behemoth Brewing and A Lady Butcher explaining what it's like to work with me & the Mille team

Here's Some Of The Topics We Can Cover When We Catch Up:

How to pick the perfect site for new restaurant, cafe or bar: I can help find your ideal site, taking on board the type of business you want and the street presence, access, size, utilities and lease terms you'll need to minimise risks and maximise your chance of success

The most common mistakes most hospitality operators make when opening their first store: opening your first restaurant, café or bar is daunting, and almost everyone makes a few of these simple errors which cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

How to build a strong and unique brand with breaking the bank: I can show you how to convey a powerful brand through your design, one which creates the atmosphere you've always dreamed of and your customers will love and connect with

Increase Your Revenue By 500% With A Well Designed Venue. That headline sounds like bullshit. But I actually turned around a failing cafe by redesigning the interior and layout (and tweaking the 1000 little things I mentioned earlier). This redesign increased sales from a soul destroying $3,000 a week to a smile inducing $15,000 a week. The cafe went from utter failure and a fair amount of misery, to success, a $200,000 per year return to owner and a really positive contribution to the local community. Because of my hospitality background, my design team and I understand KPIs, day-to-day operations and the common downfalls in the industry. We take these aspects into consideration when working through the design and layout, ensuring your team can get things done in the most efficient way possible. We will craft a space which attracts customers, increases your operational efficiency and reduces your costs. You will not only have an eye-catching venue which brings in the masses, but a venue that can be operated with the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Avoid DIY Nightmares And Have Us Do The Work The building consent and construction process can be long and exhausting. You have to comply with legal regulations, find reliable contractors, meet deadlines and stay on budget. Even if you manage all of this, sometimes the layout which looked incredible in the concept stage just doesn't have a good atmosphere in real life. We can help you through every stage of the build. We'll ensure you stay compliant with council by laws and building code requirements, give you access to the highest quality tradesmen at the best prices, and complete the project on time and on budget.

In Your No Obligation Consultation I'll Call Upon My Hospitality And Design Experience To Discuss:

Design Which Minimises Costs And Increases Efficiency: I've seen countless businesses created by designers without hospitality experience that look amazing and have plenty of customers yet aren't profitable - I'll show you layouts which reduce costs and increase profit.

The Rules And Regulations You Must Follow When Opening Your Venue: Non-compliance with council bylaws and building code regulations can cause delays and cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, rental expenses and trades men costs to make the necessary changes.

How To Create An Authentic Atmosphere Which Appeals To Customers: Develop an attractive interior without resorting to cookie cutter designs, giving you an ambience which connects with your customers and reflects your brand.

Discover How You Can Stay On Budget When Building Your Venue: Building your ideal space can be costly, which makes it even more important to organise a budget from the start and take the necessary steps to stick to it.

How To Create An Incredible Design Which Gets You Free Publicity: Many newspapers and online publications write articles on new venues, if you know what they're looking for you can get free exposure for your business!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I pride myself on our work and results. If you're not 100% satisfied with your designs and vision for your business, I'll work for free until you are. That's my promise to you.

FREE 30-Minute Interior Design Consultation + Conceptual Designs Of Your Cafe, Restaurant or Bar (Value up to $5000+)

Looking to turn your dream into a hospitality hotspot? Struggling to figure out how your hospitality business will look and how to ensure you decrease your risks? During your no obligation session, we'll discuss your initial thoughts and ideas to get an understanding

of your business, values and goals and what you hope to achieve.

During this free 30-minute consultation you'll discover...

• Ever walked into a cafe, restaurant or bar and cringed at the vibe and atmosphere? I'll reveal the key ambiance killers, and how to avoid killing the life from your establishment

• How to get loyal paying customers qeueing at your front door, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without spending a fortune on marketing.

• The critical hospitality KPIs most people miss and how to leverage them in your space to maximise profit

• 2200+ hospitality businesses have closed in X location this year. Don't add yours to the scrap heap

I only work with people who are 100% serious about succeeding in the hospitality industry. If you're not willing to give it everything you've got to be successful, my services aren't for you... Still interested? Excellent! Sign up below and let's get started!