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Gerrick Numan / Director


+64 210 409 809


Millé is led by Gerrick Numan, a veteran of the retail hospitality industry.

Having been the general manager of one of Auckland's most renowned interior architecture and design studios, overseeing dozens of projects per annum; studied construction, design and fine arts and personally owned, designed and managed multiple eateries varying in size from 20 to 120 seats;  he knows what he's talking about.

Gerrick is in the unique position of being an expert across a wide range of critical aspects of the commercial design & hospitality industry, from conceptual development and design, to compliance, construction and operational expertise, to be able to deliver a result for our clients well beyond an attractive interior, with the ideal outcome of creating a space that increases our client's likelihood for success.


Michaela Mitha / Creative Direction


+64 275 327 333


MILLÉ is navigated by Michaela Mitha, a renegade of the creative direction & styling world.

Michaela brings a wealth of experience, attention to detail and a pure instinct for interiors. With a career stretching across international waters working within non profit organisations, freelancing in fashion styling and design, currently pursing commercial sales and leasing in Auckland city, Michaela knows how to create an interior that speaks to your brand, target market and staff, an interior that will help communicate your brand values and put you on the right path to your organisational goals.

Michaela is an excellent communicator, prides herself on establishing rapport and relevancy with a multitude of people across many diverse cultures, industries and backgrounds. She endeavours to always strive for her next best, and push the boundaries of creative excellence to a new level which has ensured her personal and professional success in all that she does.