Creating a strong concept for your restaurant, café or bar

Gerrick Numan

December 6, 2023

Hospo Hints

Skipping past the technical, I thought we’d look at something more fun (and critically important):

Creating a strong concept for your restaurant, café or bar.

Your concept gives people a reason to visit you. It makes you stand out from competition.

It gives media something to write about. Creating a strong concept makes everything clearer and strongly increases your chances of success.

Your concept is defined by many things:

  • Your skills and talents that make you unique and appealing (butchery, specialty coffee, vegan food, sourdough pizza, craft beer and on and on)
  • Your likes and dislikes (you may love bright colours and dislike monotones, or the other way around)
  • Your competition (if you’re exactly like everyone else, it’s unlikely you’ll be any busier)
  • Your location & target market (a lunch offering will do better in a business park than a fine dining dinner restaurant)

Check out our concept development form here to give you some clarity on what you want to do.

You might also like to view the services we provide, including graphic design, interior design and fit outs.

Creating a strong concept for your hospitality venue is critical to success so get in touch if you’d like our help to stand out from the crowd.

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