Hospitality graphic design & branding

Our designers are seasoned hospitality brand specialists in restaurant, cafe, and bar graphic design and branding services. Just like our interiors team, they boast extensive experience in the hospitality sector, giving them a deep understanding of the branding essentials unique to these establishments.

From venue branding and signage, to menus, wayfinding, and every other branding facet, they seamlessly collaborate with our interiors team. Together, they form a cohesive narrative that conveys your concept to your customers through graphic design and branding.

The role of our graphic designers is pivotal in effectively communicating your offerings, serving as the initial enticement for patrons to visit, enhancing their overall perception and enjoyment of your venue, ensuring comfort, and fostering returning visits. This fusion of brand and premise ensures your venue becomes an enticing and beloved destination.

Our brand development process

Step 1: Developing a hospitality brand  

Pull up a chair and let us listen. We want to know about your business values and inspirations, your target markets and the people you will engage with.  

As we research further, we’ll discover what you love (and hate!), the brands and colours that inspire you, and the ones that turn you off.  

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time for our experienced hospitality graphic designers to develop a preliminary brand direction. We’ll work collaboratively throughout the process, taking on your feedback and evolving as we go.  

Step 2: Graphic design and branding

Once you’re in love with the brand direction, it’ll be time for us to focus on developing the graphic design artwork required for your establishment.

Supporting your brand logo, our graphic designers will create your shopfront signage, menu, business cards, table talkers, wall graphics and wayfinding signage. Plus, anything else you may need.

In today’s digital world, it’s important that your physical experience mirrors your digital. Leave it with us and we can develop the elements needed for your website, social pages, database, e-news, and any other digital channel requirements. We can create these digital assets. If you need them, just let us know.

Step 3: Hospitality interior design

With the brand identity and theme set, it is understandable that these elements now need to be intertwined with the interior design and spatial design.

Your hospitality brand is the heartbeat of your organisation. We now have the privilege of bringing it to life, and vividly conveying your concept to your customers.

Our hospitality interiors weave together brand, function and form. Whether you have one premise or are opening multiple, our teams will work seamlessly to ensure your brand comes to life in all your hospitality spaces.

Set your venue up for success with hospitality graphic design and branding services from the experts

Together, we’ll create something unique that will entice patrons to visit and make them want to return often.

Burger Geek Logo

Hospitality Graphic Design, Testimonial – Burger Geek / Peter Barton

I own Burger Geek and I’ve used the team at Millé for our latest two stores.

Working with Millé has really helped flesh out our concept into a Brand that has it’s own unique feel and identity.

Elliot has introduced elements into each design that feel right and that I wouldn’t have been able to think of myself. Carly designed some really striking neon for us that I absolutely love. Danielle is a great Ops Manager that kept the team and mainly me on task (hahaha). They were able to respond to last minute changes to equipment and design quickly and effectively.

I’d definitely recommend Millé to any hospitality operators.