The interior design experience

Step into a Millé-designed hospitality space, and you’ll feel it—the heartbeat. We take your blank space and weave together brand, form and function. With efficiency and accuracy, we bring your vision to life.

Our core clients are experienced hospitality operators. These seasoned individuals have opened, often, multiple venues or are seeking to renovate an existing site.

Sites can vary from 50m2 to 1,000m2, with a budget of $100,000 to $5,000,000. Of course, some sites and budgets do sit outside of this. We can also provide conceptual design and spatial planning documents for landlords or tenants for leasing purposes.

Our experience in the hospitality industry allows us to bring this first-hand knowledge to your project. With precision and purpose, we navigate a series of processes to plan, design, and secure building consent for your restaurant, cafe, or bar.

Interior design process

To bring your restaurant, café, or bar to reality, we adopt a six-step interior design process. Our offering is adaptable with solutions tailored to your specific hospitality project and budget.

Step 1: Research

Together, we delve into the details of your proposed site, immersing ourselves in your brand, values, aspirations, and target customers. This will set the stage, for the interior design brief and brand direction.

Step 2: Concept

Through a collaborative effort, we craft a kitchen, bar, and seating layout. Simultaneously, we develop a visual language that resonates with your hospitality site.

Step 3: Design

Transforming ideas into reality, we construct a digital 3D model of your restaurant, cafe, or bar. This shows exactly how your business will look, allowing for adjustments until it you love it.

Step 4: Draw

We generate the technical drawings and documentation required for building consent, pricing, and construction. The level of detail is tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

Step 5: Build

Should you need, we take over the management of the construction phase. Direct communication with contractors, troubleshooting, and ensuring everything is built to the design.

Step 6: Draw

Our offerings extend beyond the structural to the aesthetic, encompassing the interior design styling through furniture, decor, and those final touches to ensure your venue looks perfect.

Our team are with you from initial conception to detailed fitout ready plans. Our clients are experienced hospitality operators, who understand how branding, interior and construction come together to deliver a unique experience. With a focus on detail, precision, and collaboration, we’re here to breathe life into your hospitality dreams.

Flight Coffee logo

Interior Design, Testimonial – Flight Coffee / Trevor Bradley

Millé has been an absolute joy to work with. As a cafe owner, the team have reviewed branding as well as designed a refit. I felt comfortable and looked after throughout the process of dealing with them. They bring fresh, different, and creative ideas to life, while knowing full-well, the implications and technical detail, behind everything.

Millé creates awesome spaces, and most importantly – they work. The customer journey is always well thought out and efficiency for the staff is front and centre.
The other big thing to note – these guys do it all. From working with an empty site, right through to designing the layout, dealing with council, managing the build, even branding. They have you sorted. These guys know their stuff. I’ll be using them again for sure.