Experienced Designers for Experienced Operators

Millé was born from hospitality industry experience, and a desire to see design and functionality that delivers for business owners and customers. Working in restaurants, cafes, and bars, our team understand the need for flow and efficiency from back of house to front of house.

This experience means we know what we’re designing. We are committed to designing restaurants, cafes, and bars that are world class and work the way they should.

From function to experience, we step into the shoes of customers and appreciate the customer journey as they travel through your establishment.

Welcome to Millé, where every design tells a story, and every space has a heartbeat. Let’s craft something extraordinary together.

Our Process

To bring your restaurant, café, or bar to reality, we adopt a six-step process. Our offering is adaptable with solutions tailored to your specific hospitality project and budget.

1. Research
Together, we delve into the details of your proposed site, immersing ourselves in your brand, values, aspirations, and target customers. This will set the stage, for the design brief and brand direction.

2. Concept
Through a collaborative effort, we craft a kitchen, bar, and seating layout. Simultaneously, we develop a visual language that resonates with your hospitality site.

3. Design
Transforming ideas into reality, we construct a digital 3D model of your restaurant, cafe, or bar. This shows exactly how your business will look, allowing for adjustments until it you love it.

4. Draw
We generate the technical drawings and documentation required for building consent, pricing, and construction. The level of detail is tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

5. Build
We take over the management of the construction phase. Direct communication with contractors and council, troubleshooting, and ensuring everything is built to the design.

6. Style
Our offerings extend beyond the structural to the aesthetic, encompassing the styling of furniture, decor, and those final touches to ensure your venue looks perfect.

The Team

Danielle Roybal

Danielle Roybal


Danielle has managed teams in some of the most well known hospitality groups in the country, running multiple venues and large teams, successfully transforming venues into expertly run operations and delivering highly successful hospitality openings.

Danielle’s depth of hospitality experience and incredible leadership, ensures the Millé studio is expertly run, that our team is looked after, and our clients projects are delivered on time and that their needs are well looked after at all times.

Elliot Francis

Elliot Francis


Millé’s longest serving team member, Elliot is a foundation of our studio and multi talented designer. Elliot not only brings a highly skilled design eye and technical skillset to Millé, his long history working in and deep personal networks and friendships within the hospitality industry makes him the perfect designer for our hospitality obsessed studio.

A vital and loved member of the Millé team, outside of designing incredible restaurants, cafes & bars, Elliot has built a name for himself as a renowned musician

Holland Power

Holland Power


From the age of 16 Holland has been working in restaurants, cafes, and bars. This experience grew her interest in hospitality interior design which drove her to study and pursue a career where she can use her experience to design with understanding of the spatial layout, service flows, and customer experience.

Holland’s love for the hospitality industry and passion for interior design makes her the perfect addition to our hospitality obsessed interior design team.

Carly Black

Carly Black


Carly has designed countless logos & branding and illustrated for some of the most well known and respected hospitality operators in NZ. Having been in the industry for 12 years, she knows hospitality inside and out and has built a wide portfolio of graphic design work which you can see in restaurants, cafes, and bars across the country.

Carly’s deep roots in the hospitality industry enhance her ability to anticipate and meet needs keeping our clients satisfied.

Gerrick Numan

Gerrick Numan


Gerrick has designed 100’s of venues, owned 4 of his own, and worked in the hospitality industry for 20+ years. Many of the country’s top operators turn to him for opinions and advice.

Before founding Millé in 2017, Gerrick managed one of the country’s’ most renowned hospitality design studios. He has invaluable expertise in hospitality design, construction and operations and his knowledge and experience result in a deep, intrinsic trust between Millé and our clients.


Rhea Skinner Numan


Hospitality is in Rhea’s blood. Growing up in a family deeply involved in the industry on a large scale, Rhea brings a joy for life to the team and the day is always better when she brings her optimism and glow into the office.

Rhea is in charge of all things strategy, bringing a powerful depth of experience and insight to the long term vision and visibility of Millé. Always the life of the party, she has skills with soft furnishings, graphic design and a great eye for art too.

The Millé Ethos

Our core purpose is simple – we are here to design the heartbeat of our cities, one restaurant, café, and bar at a time. And we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. We’ve built our foundation on a set of core values that resonate in every project we undertake.

We create unique, creative concepts that speak to our client’s (and their customers) wants, needs, values, and dreams. We take time to fully understand each client. We are original, like every client is.

Efficiency & Accuracy
Efficient iteration defines our process. Timing matters—we commit when necessary. Millé’s framework guarantees precision, compliance, productivity, and scalability. Perfection is our standard.

We treat projects as our own, designing wisely, without waste. Respect is paramount for ourselves, clients, and suppliers. This embodies Millé’s essence, forging success and enabling our passion.

Resilience & Empathy
Setbacks are part of the journey, but so are solutions. We approach challenges head on, finding paths forward with positivity and understanding. Together, we build, we grow, and we succeed.