Hospo Hints

Gerrick Numan

December 11, 2023

Hospo Hints

Looking to open a new venue?

Check out these hospo hints from the hospitality design specialists at Millé before you go any further.

At Millé, we live and breathe hospitality. Our team have all worked in, owned, or managed restaurants, cafes, and bars. It is this invaluable perspective, combined with our industry specific design and construction expertise, that enables us to craft world-class hospitality operations with our clients. And over the years, we’ve learned a lot.

We’ve put together a selection of hospo hints and tips, hard earned over years of owning, operating and designing restaurants, cafe and bars.

These tips should hopefully help you overcome some of your fears, answer some of your questions, and help you build the foundations of your successful venue.

Click on the links below for more information on any of the topics.

1. Building consents

There are some key compliance elements you need to cover off when fitting out a venue from scratch. If you’re setting up a new venue, you’ll most likely need a building consent. Here are some key compliance elements you’ll need to consider if you are fitting out a space from scratch…Read more…

2. The easiest, most cost effective way to set up a restaurant, café or bar

Here are some tips to ease the financial burden and effort, learned from years of designing and owning restaurants, cafes and bars. In a nutshell, the easiest, most cost effective way to set up a restaurant, cafe or bar, is to take over an old restaurant, cafe or bar. Either by buying a failed business for not very much, or taking over the lease for a venue that has failed. Click here to learn more…

3. Creating a strong concept for your restaurant, cafe or bar

Skipping past the technical, here’s something more fun (and critically important) to your successful venue. Read more…

4. Which utilities your hospitality site needs before you sign a lease

We’ve put together a list of the power, water, drainage, gas, fresh air, and fire protection requirements your venue needs. It’s not enough to have a power board, a water feed and a sewer pipe to connect to – these things have multiple layers of complication. Let’s break it down…

5. Lease terms for your restaurant, cafe or bar

Bad lease terms can make your business nearly impossible to sell and feel like you’ve wasted 2 to 5 years of hard work and $100,000’s of dollars. Outside monthly profits, the biggest return you’ll get on your restaurant, cafe or bar is when you sell it. Here’s what to look for when agreeing on lease terms from the outset…Learn more…

6. What rent is okay to pay for your restaurant, cafe or bar?

You can have a busy venue, but if your rent is not right, you could make no profit. Here are some key definitions and items you should be looking for…Read more…

7. Supply and Demand

It’s better to open a venue in some places than others. The same venue can be successful in one location and a total failure in another. The inner suburbs, the ‘cool’ areas, are overrun by restaurants, cafes and bars. The demand is high but so is supply. But in some under-serviced outer suburbs, the demand is high and there’s no supply. Let’s delve a bit deeper…

Where to from here?

As I said in the beginning, for some of us, there is no other industry we can or want to operate in.

Hospitality is our life!

So we have to go looking for the opportunities regardless of the world we find ourselves living in.

If you need any help in evaluating a site, or tweaking your concept, or any other hospo hints, get in touch with us anytime and let’s figure out a way to keep moving forward!